Off-Page Factors :SEO

Off-page factors involve continuous, daily link- building methods, including:

It’s all about links, links, and more links!

Be sure to include the keyword in the anchor text [or clickable text] of your links.

Stick to one link-building method and strive to do at least 50 to 100 links per month using ONLY that method.

Try to get links back to as many pages as you can within your website. Don’t simply focus your links on the homepage.

Any link is a good link--from sources such as directory submissions and press releases--that includes the keyword in the anchor text. Don’t be too focused on what type of link or its source.

Quality links are of more value to your website than the quantity of links.

Simply place a link on the homepage for your target website on any of your other sites.    

Again, make sure you have quality content on your website as well. This might require a website re-design or outsourcing the copywriting for your text, but make sure it is done. You need to show that your site deserves to be ranked in the top ten. Thing about it…out of the thousands of websites online that could be ranked, should a poorly designed, poorly written, or one-page site with no content be ranked in the top ten? 

Be sure to create a great website with quality content to show that you belong among the best!

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