Chad Lieberman Teaches Why SEO Is Important for Small Businesses' Survival

This is where the SEO or search Engine Optimization companies come into play. In order for small businesses to have an effective website they need to hire the right SEO company. This company will look at factors such as the website structure, page content, links, relevant keywords and Meta tags among many other factors.

Without the above mentioned analysis, your company will be lost in cyber space! This is why there's a big rush for many SMBs to acquire a good SEO and marketing campaign. A well trained SEO expert will be able to quickly identify the keywords that best describe the company and its products then work hard to get it listed within the major search engines. When searching in the web, people usually use keywords or phrases to find what they need or want. Therefore these keywords are very important especially to small business in order to stay competitive. For example, a small company selling jute bags should rank high in the search engine results, preferably in the top ten, whenever someone types in jute bags in the search query. A well established SEO company can get this done within a very reasonable time frame.

Lately, Google changed its algorithm, which can adversely affect small businesses SEO. One activity that came under scrutiny is the link building techniques from questionable sites. However, if a popular online newspaper publishes an article about your jute bag company, this can lead to a higher ranking.  Another good SEO technique is to create personal blogs or comment in other people's blogs leaving behind a link that can direct traffic towards the company's own website. The owner of the small jute bag company can leave in comments in a bag related blog, providing useful comments and people will definitely notice the writer and be interested in the links provided. 

In the coming years, small businesses will need to be very aggressive in order to remain in business. Among many other factors, having a budget set aside for SEO is going to be the highest of priorities. Most small businesses simply do not have the financial backing as larger companies, but if the techniques are set in place for implementing a well planned SEO campaign, these are going to be the survivors. On the Internet, there's a level playing field for the large and small-to-medium-size companies to compete on a fair playing field. The only plausible solution to compete at this level is to get found.  Take a few days to research a good small business SEO Company then commit to get your company up in the search engine rankings. You'll be glad you invested a little to gain a lot.  Learn more at or contact Chad Lieberman directly at 212-600-0775.

Posted by: SEO/SEM SMO on 10/21/2014
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