Chad Lieberman Teaches Search Engine Strategies for Webmasters

When you're in charge of a website, people will judge the quality of your work by its success. This is why it's so important for webmasters to know all of the different tips and tricks out there that can help them to improve the performance of their websites. There are many search engine (SE) strategies for webmasters to use to improve their search engine rankings. While most webmasters are familiar with basic SEO, they may need to incorporate some more pointed strategies in order to give their site's search engine rankings a much-needed boost. You can never have too much help when you're in the business of running a website.

One of the simplest search engine strategies for webmasters that you can utilize is changing your website's URLs to be more search engine-friendly. Instead of having a page entitled domainname/1008_2144320/ page.html, rename it domainname/about_us.html. This can make it easier for a search engine to find and to categorize, and make it more relevant to searches looking for "About Us" type information. It will help to drive more traffic to that particular page, which will in turn help to drive more traffic to your website in general. It's an easy thing to do, especially if you know this tip from the get-go. It can be especially helpful to do this for internal search URLs. 

Including "other users found this document for" on every page will not only help people to navigate your site better, but will also use your users' search habits to provide SE with a unique, self-updating source of information about the page so that the SE can direct specific searches to your pages, depending on how your users are finding that page within your website's confines. This is the most multifunctional of the search engine strategies for webmasters, and it can be a great way to make sure that your website is getting specific and relevant traffic. 

And if you're looking for simpler SE strategies for webmasters, it's also a good idea to think about your website's title as it shows up in the SE results pages. Even this will make a difference in how it appears in the search engine results. Using a more detailed title may help you to appear more relevant to the SE. But exercise caution with this one: you don't want to take it too far and get dinged for keyword stuffing.  Learn more at or contact Chad Lieberman directly at 212-600-0775.

Posted by: SEO/SEM SMO on 10/22/2014
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