Chad Lieberman Teaches SEO: PPC Vs Organic Marketing?

Organic and PPC (Pay Per Click) marketing are the two methods used to get your website on page one of the search engines. Both techniques are effective individually, but are often used concurrently. PPC and Organic ads both have their pros and cons, but applied correctly the outcomes of each can result in significant net profits. It is up to each business owners(s) to determine the marketing strategy they will use for their ad campaign; however, it is impossible to negate all aspects of one since many techniques are shared between the two. You will often find Organic Marketing referred to as SEO (Search Engine Optimization). During the course of this article we will focus on how it differs from PPC. 

If your goal is to be on page one of the search engines then you can pay to have your ads show there via PPC. Using PPC, a Google AdWords campaign is markedly the way to ensure you get optimal results for your website. PPC allows you to target specific keywords or keyword phrases so when those keywords are entered into a search engine your ad will appear. You have regulatory control over your keywords with PPC. After a month, analyze your data. It is compiled automatically for you and lets you know what keywords led to clicks and what clicks led to sales. You can then determine what keywords are working for your campaign and producing sales and which ones are costing you for clicks that lead nowhere. At any time, you can edit your keyword and/or keyword phrases to better target your consumers. For first timers or a business starting a new campaign, you are offered free expert help to optimize your campaign and keywords in ads. If you choose to go it alone, remember: the key to success is optimization and choosing the right keywords to target potential consumers.

PPC can be costly, but you determine your daily budget. Just know that you will pay for every click regardless of the result. The cost of the click is decided based on the competitiveness of the word or phrase. The more competitive the word, the more the click will cost you. For example, if you have a website focused on "web hosting reviews", that particular keyword phrase costs $10.58 per click due to high competition. There are many keywords that will run you $20+ per click for that same reason. You cannot control who clicks on your links so that is where effective management of keywords is essential to running a lucrative and efficient campaign.

As with PPC, Organic Marketing focuses on optimization; however, the goal is for this to naturally occur. Search Engine spiders constantly crawl and index each site, rewarding comprehensive and informative content backed by quality links higher search rankings. As with PPC, the end goal of reaching page one is the same, but with Organic Marketing results takes time and a lot of hard work. This dedication must continue even after reaching page one or your site won't be there for long. The competition for these key search placements is fierce and many websites are applying similar methods, so you must be relentless in your efforts. Some key strategies to Organic Marketing are receiving inbound or backlinks, blog and forum posting, adding your site to directories and article directory submissions.  In order for your site to receive inbound or back links from another site you must have something on your site that other sites will want to link to. Inbound and backlinks are synonymous terms and simply mean a link from another website that enters "in to" or "back to" your site. There are several methods you can use to facilitate this process. 

First, you need to ensure the content on your site is well managed for optimization as well as being new and informative to entice backlinks. Next, start posting on blogs and forums on a topic related to your product or service. Be sure to use comprehensive subject matter; they want postings that will add relevant and new information to their site as well. They won't post content that appears to be a business and/or individual just trying to get a "free link". Once you have had your post/thread approved, a backlink is automatically created from your post/thread. You will soon see the value of blogging and posting on forums as you gain traffic and backlinks to your site. You want to maintain value in your backlinks so be careful where you place them.  Another definitive way to get backlinks is through article submission. Submitting an article to an article directory and getting it published will open up a whole new avenue of potential consumers and help build backlinks as people read your article and decide they want to link to it. 

Submitting your URL to directories is another great way to get backlinks. Many businesses ignore this tool due to the fact that you won't get much traffic from it; however, submitting to directories the right way will increase your search rankings. Never use a directory that requires you to place their link on your site. Redirect links will add up quickly and make your site look like a "link farm".  Once you realize the significance of back linking you will begin reaping rewards as search engines incorporate the relevance of your links into their algorithm for page ranking.

The end result of both of these marketing strategies remains constant; to get optimal search placement. PPC is key to putting new sites on the map and only limited by your budget. Organic Marketing is key to maintaining a strong website. Using the methods listed above you can effectively optimize your site and, along with proper keyword placement in your content, slowly grow your site into one of established and proficient composition. To emphasize two key points: The ultimate goal of marketing is to attract consumers to your site. Competition for online traffic is relentless so you must use every tool available. You want to create a website that continually rises up the page rankings at a steady pace as you simultaneously maintain a profitable PPC campaign. One final note: it may take months before you notice any significant change using Organic Marketing techniques. Do not succumb to initial sluggish results as dedication and hard work will pay off in the long-term and you will eventually have a solid, well established and well placed site.  Learn more at or contact Chad Lieberman directly at 212-600-0775.

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